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Rio Terra Discovery Tours


Before beginning it is important for you to know that our keyword is: DISCOVERY. Think about what this word represents to you. Now, let's move on!

Tourism can be very comprehensive and complex activity, although often appears to be quite simple. It is comprehensive because, we can enjoy things like nature, adventure, history, art etc. Plenty says it's complex, but lets forget this!

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Who we are

Rio Terra Discovery Tours wants to show you, with emotion and in a simple way, the most interesting and beautiful parts of the places you want to visit. With an eye for details that are not commonly addressed, but will help you to identify characteristics and discover another side of what you are exploring.

We, at Rio Terra Discovery Tour has a real fascination for discoveries. Embraced by this atmosphere we shall take you on a journey through the Ecotourism, adventure, history and arts, in order to discover what the wonders of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil are, and what they represent.


The manner, in which we operate the tours aims to show you the wonders and curiosities of landscapes, be them natural or urban, and mainly the union of the group with the environment, respecting two principles that are basic for us: Safety and Dynamism. Safety, so that you can make an exciting and fun ride without risks and offer risks to the environment where our activities occur.

And dynamism, because Rio Terra Discovery Tours does not want to waste your precious leisure time on things that are not important. And so, you can enjoy a lot more the tour.

To make it possible and that the whole operation is a success, Rio Terra Discovery Tours count on a group of accredited guides in the Ministry of Tourism, with wide experience in the exercise of their function, and courses on first-aid, prevention and fire fighting and panic, among others in the area of redemption and rescue.


"Hi Igor! We miss Rio so much. We really had a special time and can't wait to come back. We particularly enjoyed our tour with you learning about some of the history of Rio. I checked out your web site - I looks fantastic! We will definitely contact you the next time we come to Rio because we are definitely coming back!"

"Relembrando o passeio, Igor Mendes. ATENÇÃO É UMA ARTE, por isso, agradecemos-lhe pela companhia, nessa cidade linda e maravilhosa."

"I met Igor 3 years ago on a group tour to Rocinha and it was an amazing experience!! Eversince i wouldnt want any other guide when im doing a tour in Rio.I ve also did a private tour with him to vidit Vidigal and hiked on the trilha de dois irmãos, and last september we went into the floresta da tijuca , bico da tijuca and vista chinesa! A perfect day that didnt felt like a guided tour but like a day out with a friend.We saw snakes , Tucans, monkeys, awesome views.... One more thing.. Seems like wherever igor comes in Rio, people know him"

"Guia com responsabilidade ambiental e dedicado a fazer do passeio um dia leve e agradável. Adorei!!!!"

"What a beautiful day we had, thanks to our fantastic guide Igor Mendez!
He came to pick us up in our hotel, nice service!
We booked the tour : Vidigal & Dois Irmaos In Vidigal we took the moto-taxis to drive up the favela! Nice experience!
After that, we started our hike, up to the top of Dois Irmaos.
The views are amazing ! Really "a-must-do" when you visit Rio!
On the top we relaxed some time to admire the skyline of Rio.
On our way back, we walked through Vidigal, all the way down.
That way, we experienced the favela inside-out!
It's difficult to write down everything, so just book your excursion with Igor!
You will not regret it! Igor, thanks for everything!"

"Igor and his company took me on a cycling tour from Santa Teresa, up to Cristo Redentor and back. After a recommendation from a friend, I knew i had chosen wisely from our first meeting that morning. Igor was friendly and considerably knowledgable from the start, with facts about Santa Teresa and the local flora and fauna. We stopped whenever Igor spotted wildlife and also at several key view points along the route up, always followed by great commentary! I highly recommend Igor's cycling excursions after this memorable day. 5 stars."